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We’re on a mission to abilitate new creators….

We believe in creativity and innovation. We believe in podcasts that stand out from others.
This is why we carefully choose the members of our network, based on outstanding quality podcasts made by people who strive to go over their boundaries.

We amplify your voice

... and take it beyond your limits!


We help podcasters monetize their content and be connected to premium brands, thanks to different kinds of advertising: from sponsorship to host-read ads and produced-ads.


We help podcasters grow their audience and connect with premium brands, in order to create collaborations and cross-promotion. We bring our industry experience to help creators grow their podcast, also thanks to different labs held by the leading experts in the market.


We provide the best technology solutions on the market, in order to let podcasters do what they do best: producing good quality contents without worrying about anything else.

From podcaster to podcaster

Our first mission was launched in 2019 right after we founded the first Italian podcaster community. Our aim? Help new creators grow, improve and monetize their projects. A few years later, here we are, supported by the biggest players in the sector, to build a healthy and thriving market. Ready to join our crew?

… and on a mission to connect brands with a premium audience

We believe in podcast as an intimate and authentic quality tool. For this reason, we offert brands the opportunity to reach a premium audience target characterized by high levels of engagement and trust.

Podcast is growing. Listeners too.

We explore and provide the best advertising solutions.

Branded content

We realize one or more podcast episodes by creating informative or entertainment content in the language and style of the podcasts we have carefully selected.

Host read

Host read ads are advertisements read and interpreted by the podcast owner. The host read, using his tone of voice and style, an advertising message by the brand.

Spot classici

Classic ads are dynamic advertisements recorded by an external speaker. They are audio advertising messages pre-recorded by the brand or agency in line with the podcast type of communication.

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